First Funding strives to simplify the lending process so we can focus on one objective, closing the loan for our borrower. As a Texas-based, private capital lender, First Funding controls the investment capital and all decisions are made in house. Borrowers benefit from dealing directly with decision makers. First Funding doesn’t have loan committees and borrowers don’t have to pay extra fees to loan brokers or other middlemen. First Funding offers the lowest fees in the hard money loan market because our goal is to create a win/win outcome for both lender and borrower.

Hard Money Loan Highlights

We provide loans for the following property types:
  • Residential – Single Family, Duplex, 4plex
  • Commercial – Apartments, Office, Retail, Warehouse, Land, etc
Types of Loans We Offer:
  • Hard Money Acquisition Loan
  • Bridge Loan
  • Foreclosure Loan
  • Standby Commitment Loan
  • Hard Money Land Acquisition Loan
  • Cash Out Loan
  • Note Purchase Loan
  • Flash Funding Loans
  • Transactional Loans
  • Proof of Funds Letter
  • Property Settlement Loans (Divorce and Lawsuits)
  • Improvements Loans (First Lien only)
  • Interim Construction Loans
  • Refinancing Loans
  • Combination of Purchase and Fix Up Loans

Terms and Fees

  • 3-18 months
  • 12-13% interest rate
  • Interest payments due monthly or quarterly
  • 3-5 loan commitment fees/ points per transaction
  • $200-$1000 processing fee per transaction
  • No prepayment penalty applied
  • Loan extension available on a case-by-case basis

Clayton Gumm

Loan Originator
Owner First Funding Group
21+ Years Real Estate Experience
$100+ million Real Estate Loans Originated
MBA in Real Estate Finance


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