Clayton, Charles and all of the crew at First Funding are very pleasant to work with! If I need money for a deal, they’re always there and ready to go for me. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have my house flipping business. They’ve closed numerous deals  for me, and some in 2 days or even less. And the best part is, they don’t have all the fees that other hard money lenders have. Their interest rates and points are about as good as you can find in the business. If I need a deal closed, I know I can always rely on First Funding.

Clint Crawford
JC Homes, LLC

This company is amazing! I brought them a deal that needed to get approval and closed in 2 days, and they made it happen. They know what they’re doing. Very organized and professional company. I would recommend them to all my friends in the business.

Brandon Bachik
Real Estate Investor

The service and experience this lender brings to the table is second to none. I fee so secure and confident in their abilities. I’ll be using them for all my real estate investment purchases going forward.

Dwight Harrison
local house flipper

Not only does this lender have very competitive rates & fees and service, they also have a vast knowledge of the real estate laws in Texas plus extensive brokerage sales experience. Before I commit to a deal I can always count on them to let me know where I stand.

Chris Willis
Real Estate Investor

What a great company to work with. They’re a family run business with a direct client business relationship with no red tape. They always find the time to assist me with my investment decisions. This gives me a competitive advantage over my peers.

Frank Packard-Reed

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